Most Frequently Asked Questions :

What is Gross Weight?

The Weight of the box after packing is called Gross Weight.

Is there any replacement of goods if damaged while dispatching?

NO, because goods are properly packed in the presence of you with utmost care. Therefore, we are not responsible for the damages of goods.

What do you mean by Clearance Delay in International Shipments?

Usually International shipments have to go through customs clearance procedure. When such thing takes place, it may result in delay and it slows down the clearance process and delivery of the goods. We are not responsible for such delays as it is not in our hands.

Can Home Made Foods be sent?

Yes, any homemade food like pickles, sweets, snacks can be sent.

What is quoted rate of Rs.500 plus tax include?

Our rate of Rs.500. per Kg includes the labor cost of packing but not material used for packing, which would be charged at nominal rates.

How much does it cost me to send a package to United States of America?

Rates vary according to weight and promotional rates available at the current time. The price list page in our website gives you full details. The quoted rates do not include Service Tax which the governemt is presently charging 14%. Service charge, 0.50% Krushi vignyan tax and 0.50% Swach Bharat Tax/

What will be the charges for NRI packing?

All the food material have to be packed compulsory with NRI packing (vaccum sealed packing) to avoid damages to the package. Charges for pickles are Rs.30. and for all other food materials it will be Rs.20.

Is there any restrictions on the weight of packages?

No. Restriction on packing weight is not there, if package is about 150 Kgs. Contact for better discounts.

Is office opens on Sundays?

No, office remains closed on Sunday.

How weight is calculated?

Weight calculations are clearly mentioned in the website FNLxpress international courier service.

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